China in Conversation on Chinese Economy: Myths & Realities “中国论谈”:中国经济的迷思与现实

The “China In Conversation” Forum, jointly-organised by Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia and Perth USAsia Centre, was held at the University Club Lecture Hall on 12 November, attracting more than 180 participants from all walks of life. Professor Kent Anderson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Community & Engagement) of UWA opened the forum by introducing the three speakers: Professor Yuexiang Jiang, from the College of Economics, Zhejiang University, China, Winthrop Professor of Economics Rod Tyers and Professor Yanrui Wu, both from the UWA Business School. The three professors of economics delivered keynote speeches on the topic “The Chinese Economy: Myths and Realities” and also had a conversation with the audience.

Professor Yuexiang Jiang delivered a speech titled How Realities Continue Myths, in which he introduced the lessons he learnt from the reasons for the rise and fall in China’s stock market in recent years. He also analyzed the characteristics of the Chinese securities market using the probabilistic method and the principle of Yin and Yang in traditional Chinese philosophy.

Winthrop Professor of Economics Rod Tyers’s speech was titled The Chinese Slowdown and the Global Effects, in which he analysed in great detail the factors for China’s economic slowdown. He also spoke about the favourable and unfavourable factors impacting China’s prospects for economic development, providing much food for thought for the audience.

Professor Yanrui Wu presented on the topic China’s Service Sector: The New Engine of Economic Growth. Through substantial horizontal and vertical comparisons, he concluded that the growing service sector is accounting for a larger proportion of the Chinese economy, and its impact is increasingly significant. He also affirmed that the service industry will be a new engine of growth for China’s economy in the future.

After the speeches, Mr. Gordon Flake, founding CEO of Perth USAsia Centre facilitated a conversation where speakers addressed questions from the audience. Mr. Flake also summarized the discussion and gave closing comments. The large turnout and warm applause proved the success of the event.

“China in Conversation” is a newly introduced high-level forum organized by the Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia. It aims to run every quarterly. It brings together distinguished experts, scholars, and executives of government and business sectors from both China and Australia to engage in dialogues regarding heated topics on China which are of public concern.

11月12日下午6点,西澳大学孔子学院和珀斯美中心联合主办的“China in Conversation” 论坛在西澳大学俱乐部演讲厅举行,吸引了珀斯各界180多名观众。论坛由西澳大学副校长Kent Anderson教授主持,他首先介绍了演讲嘉宾, 他们是:中国浙江大学经济学院的蒋岳祥教授、西澳大学商学院的Rod Tyers教授和吴延瑞教授. 三位经济学教授围绕“中国经济的迷思和现实”发表主题演说并与观众展开对话。


Rod Tyers教授的演讲主题是“中国经济放缓对全球的影响”,他对经济放缓的原因进行了细致的分析,并谈了影响中国经济发展前景的有利与不利因素,希望大家对相关问题进行思考。


演讲结束后,三位嘉宾上台并排就坐,由美亚中心的Gordon Flake教授主持演讲人与现场观众互动,回答问题。最后,主持人对活动进行总结和点评。观众参与的人数之多与现场掌声之热烈充分说明本次论坛的成功。

“China in Conversation” 是西澳大学孔子学院新推出关于中国的高层次论坛,计划一年举办四次,邀请中国和澳大利亚的知名专家、学者或政府、工商企业的高管 就公众关注的热点中国问题 进行对话交流。

Dr Song Chair 2

Dr Song, makes welcome remarks                  Prof Anderson, DVC of UWA chairs the forum

Prof Jiang 2  Prof Tyers 3  Prof Wu

Prof Yuexiang Jiang                   Prof Rod Tyers                               Prof Yanrui Wu

Panel  Audience

Prof Flake chairs the panel Q & A                       The audience