Confucius Institute Joins in the Student Party at St George’s College 孔子学院参与圣乔治学院学生聚会

There is a tradition in Hong Kong where university students hold a party before every exam. This party is called ‘Superpass’ and is meant to bring good luck as well as relax students. To celebrate this tradition St George’s College invited the UWA Confucius Institute to join in some cultural activities with their students including dumpling making and Chinese calligraphy.

The Confucius Institute volunteers and teachers enjoyed sharing in these activities with both local and Hong Kong exchange students who will soon be returning home. About 200 dumplings were made which were then sent to the kitchen to form part of the dinner later that night. Calligraphy was also a big hit with the students. Some Hong Kong students were pros at it and assisted the Confucius Institute conduct this activity as there were so many students interested in it. Students wrote their names as well as well wishes for the exam on red paper.

As students enter the exam period the Confucius Institute hopes the dumplings (symbolising good fortune in China) and the Calligraphy (which had lucky words written on auspicious red paper) brings them the very best of luck.





(Photo courtesy of Hongwei Wu)

St George 1

St George 2

St George 3