Chinese Language & Culture Courses 汉语和文化课程

The Confucius Institute at UWA provides a wide range of quality Chinese language and cultural courses delivered by qualified teachers and professionals for those who hope to improve their Chinese language proficiency and cultural awareness. 西澳大学孔子学院向公众提供由专业教师和专家讲授的中文和文化学习课程,是有意学习中文和了解中国文化人士的明智之选。

Chinese Language Courses

From our beginners to advanced courses or our private tutoring, you will surely find a course and level best suited to your needs. Taught by professional native Chinese teachers, all courses are quality assured to enable you to achieve your objectives effectively. The Chinese language courses are in 16 levels, Level 1 (beginners) to Level 16 (advanced) and there is a literacy course focused on reading and writing.  

Why Learn Chinese?

Global significance  Mandarin has more native speakers than any other language – nearly one billion. China is the world’s largest economy and is Australia’s biggest trading partner.

Our Courses We aim to help students at all levels reach their Chinese language goals. Beginner courses start with basic spoken phrases for daily communication, while intermediate and advanced courses cover listening, speaking, reading and writing.   Our students are all ages – from those in their late teens to those in their late seventies.

Simple grammar  Chinese grammar is much easier to learn than English grammar. There are no tenses, plurals, articles or conjugations.

Small vocabulary  There are far fewer words in common use in Chinese than in English. Knowing about 3000 Chinese characters will enable you to read most newspapers and books.


Intake 2 language courses open for enrolment before 27th Apr 2017

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Do I have to learn to write? Not necessarily. Beginners use an alphabetised system called pinyin to learn to speak. As students progress they learn to read, and eventually to write characters. As pinyin can be used on the digital keyboards of smartphones and computers, the ability to handwrite characters is not as necessary as it once was.

When  Term One classes commence Monday 30th January 2017 and run for nine weeks. Evening classes are held from 6:30pm to 8:30pm Morning classes are held from 10:00am to 12:00 noon Minimum enrolment numbers are required to run the class. Full refund will be made if class cannot run due to enrolment numbers.

Where  All classes are held at the UWA Claremont Campus

Which level  Our class levels range from Level 1 to level 19, for a free placement test over the phone please contact us via email or phone (08) 6488 6888.

Pricing  $265 Adults (includes textbooks) $240 Continuing students $220 Concession holders / UWA staff

Teachers  Our teachers are native Chinese speakers and highly trained professionals.

Textbooks All textbooks and learning resources are included in first enrolment payment.

Parking  Parking on campus is free during the evening, or $3 per day during business hours.

Public Holidays  As classes do not run on public holidays, some courses may extend beyond 9 weeks to ensure the full language program is provided.

Outlines for Chinese language courses The textbooks for the different levels of courses: Levels 1-4: Experiencing Chinese 《体验汉语   生活篇》 Chinese Level 1 Outline      Chinese Level 2 Outline       Chinese Level 3 Outline Chinese Level 4 Outline Levels 5-8: Experiencing Chinese  (Advanced)《体验汉语  生活篇(进阶)》 Chinese Level 5 Outline      Chinese Level 6 Outline    Chinese Level 7 Outline    Chinese Level 8 Outline   Levels 9-12: Contemporary Chinese Book 3 《当代中文》(第3册)     Chinese Level 9 Outline     Chinese Level 10 Outline     Chinese Level 11 Outline Chinese Level 12 Outline Levels 13-16: Contemporary Chinese Book 4 《当代中文》(第4册)

Chinese Literacy 中文读写课程 Chinese Literacy focuses on the practice of reading and writing the basic characters that make up half of all Chinese reading materials. The course covers strokes, radicals, single and compound characters as well as the basic knowledge of Chinese characters. After completing the four-level course, the learners will have a good command of the written Chinese language. This course may appeal to all those who have learned some basics of Chinese language.

Chinese Literacy Level 1 Outline                Chinese Literacy Level 2 Outline

Young Learners Chinese courses 少儿汉语课程

Our Chinese language and culture courses for kids are designed for children aged 6-17 to develop their Chinese language skills, cultural awareness and skills by engaging kids in fun and effective, multi-intelligent, hands-on learning activities.

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Chinese Culture Courses

  • Chinese Conversation Session (Free)  Recommencing 21st January 2017             10:45-11:45 am Saturday at Claremont Library
  • Tai Chi Session (Free) 9:30-10:30 am Saturday at Claremont Park – Commencing 11th February 2017
  • Chinese Business Culture – available on request
  • Chinese Folk Arts Chinese Folk Music & Songs
  • Basic Chinese Calligraphy
  • Basic Chinese Painting
  • Basic Martial Arts for Kids 
  • Children’s cultural courses