UWACI Celebrates the 10th Anniversary 西澳大学孔子学院庆祝建院十周年

Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia celebrated its 10th Anniversary on Friday 25th September at the University Club. Many distinguished guests attended this special event including Dr Huang Qinguo, Consul-General of the People’s Republic of China in Perth, Professor Alec Cameron, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) of the University of Western Australia, Professor Krishna Sen, Dean of the Faculty of Arts UWA, Mr Ma Linlan, representing Minister-Counsellor in Education Mr Xu Xiao, Chinese Embassy to Australia, Mr William Chi, Vice President of Chung Wah Association, and Ms Bonnie Woo, President of Chinese Language Teachers Association, Mr Gian Wong, President of Australia-China Friendship Society in WA.

Over the past 10 years, Confucius Institute has been nourished by the ancient land of the Noongar people, thrived within the intellectual life of the world class University of Western Australia, and prospered amongst Perth’s multicultural communities, making the Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia one of the best worldwide. The tireless work and energy of the directors, teachers, volunteers and friends of the Confucius Institute have contributed to the founding, development and success of the Confucius Institute. The event is a very special celebration, not only for the 10th Anniversary of Confucius Institute, but also the National Day of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, and the 2566th birthday of Confucius himself.

9月25日下午6点,西澳大学孔子学院在大学俱乐部宴会厅举办了“西澳大学孔子学院成立十周年” 庆祝酒会。酒会由孔子学院院长宋宪琳博士主持,中国驻珀斯总理事黄亲国博士、西澳大学副校长Alec Cameron教授、人文学院院长Krishna Sen教授、中国驻澳使馆教育处徐孝公参的代表马林兰先生、以及中华会馆副会长齐金龙先生等嘉宾在庆祝酒会上致辞。他们盛赞西澳大学孔子学院十年来在支持西澳的中文教学、促进文化了解、融入大学和社区、丰富多元文化、增进澳中友谊和交流方面所取得的成就。西澳孔子学院在2007年和2014年两度获得“先进孔子学院”荣誉。正如宋宪琳院长所指出的,西澳孔子学院所取得的成就是历任院长、教师、志愿者的不懈努力和西澳大学、中国国家汉办、浙江大学的真诚合作的结果,也是与西澳各界朋友的大力支持分不开的。

这次酒会恰逢中国传统中秋佳节、国庆节、孔子诞辰2566年纪念日和“孔子学院日”。应邀参加酒会的还有西澳中文教师协会会长Bonnie Woo女士、澳中友协西澳分会会长Gian Wong先生、以及西澳独立学校协会、中澳青年联合会等社团的代表、一些学校的校长和代表以及西澳大学和孔子学院的部分教师和志愿者。大家济济一堂,频频举杯,共同祝愿西澳大学孔子学院的明天更美好!

Prof Cameron Dr Huang Prof Sen  Mr Ma Mr Chi  Dr Song


CI Holds 2nd WA-Zhejiang Principals’ Forum 孔子学院举办第二届西澳-浙江校长论坛

The Confucius Institute at UWA held the 2nd WA-Zhejiang Principals’ Forum at the University Club of Western Australia on 16th Sept, collaborated with the Association of Independent Schools of WA (AISWA) and Xiacheng District Education Bureau of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. The 8-member principals delegation from Zhejiang and about 30 WA school principals and leaders attended the forum on “Challenges to Teaching in the Digital Age”, including Perth Modern School, Shenton College, Mt Lawley High School, Morley High School, Penrhos College, Great Southern Grammar School, Christchurch Grammar School, Geraldton Grammar School, Hale School, Lance Holt School, St Marks Anglican Community School, Santa Maria College, Australian Christian College Darling Downs,  St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School, Australian Islamic College, Oberthur Primary School, Ellenbrook Christian College, etc. At the opening ceremony, Prof Kent Anderson, UWA deputy Vice-Chancellor, Mrs Sun Anlin, Chinese Deputy Consul-General in Perth, Mr Huang, Director of Hangzhou Xiacheng Education Bureau, and Mr Ron Gorman, Deputy Director of AISWA, delivered opening speeches, speaking high of the forum as a platform for school principals of the two sister-state/province to share their insights and experience in leading school improvement in the 21st century. The forum started a year ago when Confucius Institute and AISWA organized the principals study tour to Hangzhou, when AISWA and the Xiacheng Education Bureau signed an agreement of cooperation. At the forum, 10 principals or school (technology) leaders made speeches on the topic of coping with the challenges of IT to teaching and learning in schools: Mr Michael Morgan of Shenton College, Mr Su Jianqiang of Jingcheng Experimental School, Mr Stuart Marquardt of Great Southern Grammar School, Ms Cao Fangping of Dacheng Yuejiawan Experimental School, Mr Cameron Herbert of St Mark’s Community College, Mr Wang Shengzhi of Dacheng Experimental School, Mrs Trish Somers and Mr Nathan Ducker of Penrhos College, Mr Peter Crosbie of AISWA, and Mr Michael Valentine of Hale School. They shared the good strategies and practices in making good use of IT in schools and exchanged ideas to facilitate teaching and learning with technology and discussed practicable ways to reduce the side effect of inappropriate use of technology.  “The forum was very successful with regard to sharing thoughts and challenges related to teaching in the digital age.” said Mr Ron Gorman, AISWA Deputy Director.

Forum 1s  DVC

The WA-Zhejiang Principals’ Forum                                  Prof Anderson, DVC of UWA delivers a speech Dr Song  Mrs Sun

Dr Song, CI Director chairs the forum                            Mrs Sun, Deputy Consul-General, speaks at the forum

Mr Huang  Ron

Mr Huang, Director of Xiacheng Education Bureau               Mr Gorman, Deputy Director of AISWA

Mike  Su

Mr Michael Morgan                                                                        Mr Su Jianqiang

Stuart   Cao

Mr Stuart Marquardt                                                                    Ms Cao FangpingCameron  Wang

Mr Cameron Herbert                                                                        Mr Wang Shengzhi

Penrhos  Peter

Mr Nathan Ducker and Mrs Trish Somers                                   Mr Peter Crosbie

Mike V  Panel

Mr Michael Valentine                                                                 The panel for Qs & As

Group Photo s

Chinese Culture Performance Gala Night Successful 华中科技大学艺术团文艺成功演出

The student performance troupe from Huazhong (Central Chinese) University of Science and Technology presented a Chinese cultural show on the theme of “The Far East Yangtze River” which attracted about 500 audience at Octagon Theatre, UWA on Tuesday night 15th September.

The cultural show included 17 items such as couple of Chinese folk dances, traditional musical instrument solos, martial arts which reflected the folk art and music along the Yangtze River. The gala was part of the performance tour of the troupe to New Zealand and Australia organized by Confucius Headquarters and the Confucius Institute at UWA.

dance 1s            Dance 2s Dance 3s Duet  Tai Chi Group photo


Cultural Performance at UWA Theatre: “The Rhythm of Korea” 文艺演出:“韩国的节奏”

Korean Studies are proud to announce the ticket sales for this year’s major cultural event “” at UWA Octagon Theatre on October 15th, 7:30pm have now gone on sale. This family-friendly event is a great opportunity to experience both traditional and contemporary Korean culture in Western Australia.”The Rhythm of Korea” is a performance that features both traditional percussions by a premier Korean percussion group U-So, and modern hip-hop performances by a Korean B-Boy dance group Unlikely Harmony.

The event is supported by the Korea Foundation, the Australia-Korea Business Council of WA, The WA Department of State Development, Arirang Restaurant, The UWA Cultural Precinct and the Faculty of Arts.

Tickets are available here ($15 full price/$10 students/$9 children and senior citizens): http://www.ticketswa.com/event/rhythm-korea.

Please note that tickets availability is limited, don’t miss this one-off event!

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/UWA-Korean-Studies-667062700053922/timeline/

Confucius Institute in City to Surf Perth 2015 孔子学院参加珀斯公益长跑

30th Aug witnessed the biggest community event City to Surf in Perth and among the stream of runners in the 4-km running were 13 teachers and volunteer teachers of Confucius Institute at UWA dressed in red T-shirts. It was the first time for the CI staff to participate in this most popular community fundraising event. All the CI participants really enjoyed the running and were excited to crossed the finishing line awarded by the  applause of the audience. They felt it a great pleasure to get involved in events of public welfare like this, not only good experience but also a good approach to engaging themselves in the local community.

2015年8月30日西澳大学孔子学院13位教师和志愿者们首次组队参与西澳州最大规模的社区公益竞跑活动“City to Surf”。活动当天,大家身着统一的红色孔院T恤,前往四公里跑起点Mclean 公园。

上午7点半,Mclean 公园里已聚集了数千名男女老少,在绿地上热身准备,蓄势待发。孔子学院教师和志愿者的统一红色着装在人群之中十分显眼。8点过后,随着倒计时结束,人群开始涌动起来,竞跑正式开始。一路上孔院教师和志愿者们互相鼓励、共同前进,冲此终点时,孔院志愿者教师们兴奋得欢呼起来,赛道旁的观众纷纷鼓掌,每一个参与者都感到自豪。

City to Surf(Perth)是由Activ基金会在珀斯举办的大型社区公益竞跑活动,将募集善款捐助给多家慈善机构,今年已是这一活动举办的第41年。据悉,今年的参赛者来自28个国家,共约5万人,募集慈善基金约50万澳元。孔子学院首次参与这项公益赛事是融入社区的有意义之举。

IMG_20150830_080323_HDR IMG_20150830_085904_HDR

Chinese & Cultural Workshop for Future Engineers 未来工程师中国语言文化日

The Chinese Language and Culture Workshop for Future Engineers was held on Sunday 23 August 2015 by Confucius Institute at the UWA and the Education Committee of Australia-China Business Council (ACBC) in WA.

Tracey Lim, representative of ACBC, and Dr Ting Zhang, President of Chinese Engineers Association, gave speeches with their experiences and insight of the benefit of learning Chinese language and culture to the young engineers’ career growth.  The participants felt it an excellent opportunity to their cross-cultural awareness and network with a diverse group of individuals within the fields of science and engineering, specifically with professionals managing major projects in China.

After lunch, the participants engaged in the Chinese cultural activities such as Traditional Chinese games and calligraphy practice.


上午,ACBC代表Tracey Lim女士和西澳华人工程师协会会长张博士先后发言。Lim女士指出作为在澳工程师很有必要了解中国语言和文化,她强调了能够使用中文作为工作语言参与中方人员会议和仅会使用“你好”和“谢谢”的工作效果的巨大区别。她还谈到中国人愿意“吃苦”的文化内核,她鼓励大家学习中文,同时也勉励大家带着“吃苦”精神坚持汉语学习。 张博士从个人求学经历讲到个人从业履历,从中澳关系讲到产业合作。他还通过展示象形文字来打破大家对于汉语难学的刻板印象,鼓励大家开启自己的汉语学习之旅。演讲完毕,张博士一一回答了大家的提问,包括中文技术用语不同于日常用语,中澳农业合作的潜力等。


Tracey 2 Tracey 4

Dr Zhang 1 Activity 4

Activity 7


CI on UWA Open Day 2015 孔子学院参加西澳大学开放日

UWA’s annual Open Day was successfully held on 9th Aug, it provides a good opportunity for the public, especially high school students, to learn about UWA. The delicately decorated booths of faculties and schools well presented the various disciplines in UWA and attracted large amount of people to experience colourful activities.

As a window of Chinese culture, the Confucius Institute’s booth was crowded with people. They not only inquired about the courses of Chinese language and Chinese culture lessons, HSK(Chinese Proficiency Tests) and China Study Tour, but also joined in paper-cutting, Chinese calligraphy and chopsticks games. People queued to get one calligraphy of their Chinese names and auspicious Chinese characters.   At noon, Zhao Hanzhi and Li Hua, two martial art volunteer teachers of Confucius Institute, performed Chinese Kung Fu for the audience on the nearby Riley oval, and also taught a basic Taichi lesson to the audience. At 14:15, CI teacher Qiu Limeng  presented an experiencing Chinese class to those who are interested in the language.

This year, the CI booth was mainly hosted by Chinese volunteer teachers from different universities in China: Liu Yue, Shen Bing, Shi Wei, Geng Shuting, Wu Jiayi, and Zhou Chao. They were in two shifts at the booth. After their duty, they happily experienced the various activities during the UWA Open Day learning,recreating and making friends.






CI stand 1



Confucius Forum 3 held successfully 第三届孔子论坛成功举办

The 3rd Confucius Forum was successfully presented on Friday 31st July on the topic of “Confucianism and Its Relevance to Contemporary China”. Prof Huang Qinguo, Chinese Consul-General to Perth,  Mr David Duan, President of Shandong Association in WA made VIP speeches at the opening ceremony. Associate Prof David Ambrose,  Acting Director of Confucius Institute at UWA, Dr Han Baolei, and Mr Ren Jianpeng gave presentations on their insight of Confucianism and its influence in China’s society and business with outside world, as well as the understanding of Confucian virtues from the point of younger generation. The forum attracted about a hundred participants, including the representatives of Chunghwa Association, Australia-China Friendship Society and other associations in WA. This forum was co-presented by Confucius Institute and Shandong Association in WA, and was kindly sponsored by the three companies of Careline, Linka Wine and Ocean King.


“孔子论坛”由西澳大学孔子学院中方院长褚献华主持,中国驻珀斯总领事黄亲国教授和西澳山东同乡会会长David Duan先生分别致辞祝贺。出席论坛的还有西澳山东同乡会名誉会长Eddie Hwang先生、西澳福建同乡会会长王群华先生、广东同乡会会长廖建先生、新疆同乡会会长徐义女士、以及中华会馆和澳中友协的代表等。

西澳大学孔子学院代理院长安道衛(David Ambrose)先生首先发言。他结合自己在中国多年的工作经历,谈了自己对儒家核心思想的理解以及中国过去几十年来对“孔孟之道”的态度变化。






CF 3_2 Consul general s  Duan

DA Han Ren