Associate Professor SONG Xianlin, Director

Song 2

Dr Xianlin Song is an Associate Professor in the Department of Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Western Australia. She teaches in the areas of Chinese language and cultural studies and transcultural studies. Her research focuses on Chinese feminist studies and global education. Her recent publications include Bridging Transcultural Divides: Teaching Asian Languages and Studies in Australian Universities (with Kate Cadman, 2012, UAP), and  Women’s Writing in Post Socialist China (with Kay Schaffer, 2014, Routledge).

Associate Professor CHU Xianhua, Associate Director


Associate Professor Chu Xianhua is from College of Education, Zhejiang University. He studied English in Zhejiang Education College and received master degree in didactics in Hangzhou University. His academic interests include instructional design, and methodology in language teaching. He has over 30 years of teaching experience in K12 and university with professional expertise in bilingual instruction and language teacher training. He has also a range of interest in Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting, and fine arts. His major responsibility at the Confucius Institute is  managing Chinese language teaching and enhancing connection with relevant organizations in China.

Ms Catherine Driver , Business Manager

Ms Catherine Driver commenced work with the Confucius Institute in April 2016 in the role of Business Manager.  She has a Bachelor of Arts (Performing – Dance) and a Bachelor of Policy Studies.  Catherine worked as an actor and arts administrator before joining the Western Australian Government’s Department of Culture and the Arts (DCA) in 1997.  Over 17 years with DCA, she worked in roles related to arts funding, cultural policy and team management, before settling into a focus on international relations. Catherine has many years of experience supporting cultural exchange with China.  In 2008 she participated in the Western Australia-Zhejiang Public Servant Exchange, spending three months in Hangzhou to explore opportunities for collaboration in film, animation and designer fashion.  Catherine has a long-held interest in Chinese language and culture and strong networks in the Government and arts sectors.  She looks forward to making a contribution to Western Australia-China relations through her work with the Confucius Institute.

Mr WANG Liyong , Instructor in Chinese language and culture


Mr WANG Liyong holds BA and MA from China and Belgium. He is the first professional Chinese language and culture teaching staff at the CI since it was set up, and a lecturer in Chinese language at Asian Studies. As a graduate among the world first group of professional in Chinese teaching as a second Language from Beijing Language and Culture University, Liyong has over 26 years of tertiary teaching experience in China, Belgium, and Australia since 1988. Liyong’s teaching ratings have been very high at all universities, and his students won top prizes at Hanyuqiao and other Chinese competitions. Liyong has been designing, coordinating and teaching courses of Chinese, culture, HSK and program media promotion at the CI since 2005. He successfully organised the first HSK Test in Western Australia.

Dr MA Xuanli, Chinese Language Teacher

Xuanli Ma

Dr MA Xuanli (Lisa) is the Project Officer at the institute. She is also the coordinator of the Chinese Language Program for Young Learners. Dr Ma holds a BSc from China and a PhD from UWA. She has over 15 years of overseas Chinese language teaching and school management experiences. She also works as the media liaison coordinator in the Chinese Language Teachers’ Association WA (CLTAWA). Her research interests are in the areas of bilingual teaching and the Chinese language/culture education in overseas.


Associate Professor XIA Li, Chinese Language Teacher 


Associate Professor XIA Li is from Liaoning Shihua University in China. She received Master degree in English education at Shenyang Normal University and had been teaching Chinese and English to students from home and abroad at the university before she came to the Confucius Institute at UWA in March, 2014. She is warm-hearted and helpful to others, and responsible and dedicated in her work. Currently she is engaged in co-teaching a Chinese-culture related course at UWA, and in charge of the coordination of the CI’s annual China Study Tour program.

Ms NIU Hongmei, Chinese Language Teacher 

Niu Hongmei

Ms NIU Hongmei was selected from Jilin Sports University in China by the Confucius Institute Headquarters as a qualified Mandarin teacher to teach overseas learners. She is experienced in teaching English to Chinese students and Chinese to international students at the university with passion, patience, consideration, and a strong sense of responsibility and team work. She is also well knowledgeable in Chinese culture, especially Chinese poetry and classical literature.

Ms JI Cheng, Chinese Language Teacher 

Ji Cheng_n

Ms JI Cheng is a Chinese language teacher from East China Normal University. She received her MA of teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages from Fudan University in Shanghai, China. She had been teaching overseas students in Global Education Centre in ECNU before coming here. She also used to be a Chinese teacher in the Confucius Institute at Ateneo De Manila University in the Philippines.

Ms LIU Zhonghua, Chinese Language Teacher 

Liu Zhonghua

Ms LIU Zhonghua received her BA and MA from Northeast Normal University in China studying Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. Years of language teaching and studying experience has made her an embodiment of Chinese and Western culture. Her passionate and dynamic teaching method has been well received by her students in China and Australia. At present, she works as a Chinese teacher at Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia and YCT program coordinator as well.

 Ms YANG Xianping, Senior Chinese Language Teacher

Yang Xianping

Ms YANG Xianping has been engaged in elementary education since 1992, first as a teacher of Chinese language in primary school, then a school principal and later a chief supervisor of Education Bureau of Xiacheng District in Hangzhou. She received the master degree  in education management from Zhejiang Normal University. In addition to her rich experience and expertise in school education and management, YANG Xianping is skilled in teaching Chinese language and culture. She is happy to do her bit for strengthening the ties between the schools in Hangzhou and in Perth.

Dr Qiu Limeng,  Chinese Language Teacher 

Qiu Limeng

QIU Limeng holds a Ph.D in Grammar from Renmin University, a MA in TCAFL from Renmin University and a BA in Chinese language and literature from Renmin University. Her research is focused on the difference in grammar between ancient and modern Chinese language in different contexts. For seven years she was a Chinese teacher in Zhejiang University, teaching grammar and spoken language. She trained and tutored undergraduates and postgraduates studying TCAFL for years. Dr Qiu currently serves as a full-time teacher of Chinese at Shenton College.

Ms SHUI Miao,Chinese Language Teacher

Ms SHUI Miao has been teaching Chinese for seven years. She received her MA from Shanxi Normal University in China, majoring in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. She loves teaching and is able to teach Chinese language and culture courses from beginners to advanced levels. 

Miss LI Jie, Volunteer Teacher

Li Jie

Miss Li Jie, graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University in 2015, majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Language (TCSOL). she is an easygoing girl and has learned various Chinese cultural skills, especially Chinese dance. She has learned Chinese folk dance for about six years and also has three years of Jazz and Hip-hop dancing experience. Now she is serving as a volunteer teacher, assisting teaching Chinese language and culture at Woodvale Secondary College and Creaney Primary School.

Miss Hong Fei, Volunteer Teacher


Miss Hong Fei, a postgraduate student from Zhejiang University, majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL). She loves Chinese culture and has a range of interest in Chinese painting & calligraphy, paper-cutting and Chinese knotting. She enjoys teaching with her passion, patience, strong sense of responsibility, especially her artistic expertise. She works as a volunteer Chinese teacher at Methodist Ladies’ College.

Mr HU Lie Fei, Volunteer Teacher


Mr Hu Liefei is a graduate student of Zhejiang University (ZJU) majoring in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages. He worked as a volunteer Chinese teacher for one year in Cambodia after he got BA in 2012. When studying for his master degree at ZJU, he was a part-time teacher of Chinese language at a vocational college. Now he works as a volunteer assistant teacher at Perth Modern School and Churchlands Senior High School.

Miss HUA Ke, Volunteer Teacher


Miss Hua Ke got his BA of Chinese language and literature at Anhui University and now a graduate student of Zhejiang University in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. She loves teaching Chinese language and culture, and has much interest in Chinese paper cutting, knot making and cooking. As a volunteer, she currently assist Chinese language teachers at Oberthur Primary School and West Leederville Primary School.

Miss LUO Binmeng, Volunteer Teacher


Miss Luo Binmeng got her BA in journalism at Sichuan University and is now in her master programme of Educational Economics and Management at Zhejiang University. She enjoys teaching children with her language talent and loving heart. She currently works as an assistant to the Chinese language teachers in Mercedes College and Weld Square Primary School.

Miss NI Fan, Volunteer Teacher


Miss Ni Fan is a graduate student of Zhejiang University majoring in English literature, with special interest in poetry. She loves reading and writing, and is good at traditional Chinese ink-wash painting and handicrafts such as fan and knots and papercutting. She also enjoys tea culture and tea ceremony as well as Chinese local operas. She works as a volunteer to support the Chinese language programme in Lance Holt School and Highgate Primary School.

Miss YU Ziqing, Volunteer Teacher


Miss YU Ziqing, postgraduate student of Humanities College in Zhejiang University, majoring in Comparative Literature and World Literature. During 2010-2014 she majored in Education at Institute of Education in Shandong Normal University (SNU). As a student teacher, she had taught Chinese language at the Primary School affiliated to SNU and Ji’nan No.3 Vocational Secondary School. Miss Yu enjoys reading, watching movies and playing badminton. She has skills of paper-cutting and Chinese-knotting.

Miss ZHANG Chao, Volunteer Teacher

Zhang chao

Miss Zhang Chao is a graduate student from Hunan University, majoring in Chinese Language and Literature. She is a diligent and outgoing girl, with various Chinese cultural skills, such as Chinese knot and calligraphy. Now she works as a volunteer teacher and assists in teaching Chinese language at Dalyellup Primary School in Bunbury. She enjoys teaching Chinese language and engaging in cross-cultural understanding and multicultural activities.

Miss ZHANG Cheng, Volunteer Teacher


Miss ZHANG Cheng received her master degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Language (TCSOL) at Yunnan University in 2012. She had some experience in teaching international learners in short programs and a school afterwards. She is skilled in Chinese calligraphy and painting. As a volunteer Chinese teacher, she is currently engaged in the Chinese language and culture program at Great Southern Grammar School in Albany.


Miss ZHANG Hua, Volunteer Teacher


Miss Zhang Hua, graduated from Jinan University in 2015, majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Language (TCSOL). She serves as a volunteer teacher and assists in teaching Chinese language at Dalyellup Secondary College. She is good at Chinese knots, paper-cutting, Chinese painting, and Chinese cooking. She has passion in teaching Chinese and is eager to contribute to cultural exchanges between China and Australia. 

Miss ZHOU Libing, Volunteer Teacher


Miss Zhou Libing is a senior student of Zhejiang University majoring martial arts. With over ten years’ of practice in martial arts, she is particularly good at broadsword and cudgel, and has won a few awards at high-level competitions, including Chinese College Students Martial Arts Championships in 2015 and the 9th Hong Kong International Martial Arts Competition in 2014. Her major responsibility at the Confucius Institute at UWA is to teach martial arts and support the Chinese cultural activities in schools.

Miss Zhu Yuhuan, Volunteer Teacher


Miss ZHU Yuhuan is a senior undergraduate student from Zhejiang University in engineering but with good artistic accomplishments. She loves both traditional Chinese and western art. She enjoys teaching and is a welcome assistant teacher at St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls and a dancing teacher at Chung Wah Chinese School in Rossmoyne. With her artistic skills she is able to teach Chinese in varied and enriched ways, including using singing and games.