Learn Chinese

The Confucius Institute at UWA offers a wide range of quality Chinese language and cultural courses delivered by qualified teachers and professionals. We can help you to extend your horizons by improving your Chinese proficiency and deepening your cultural awareness.

Why learn Chinese?

Global significance
Mandarin has more native speakers than any other language – nearly one billion people. China is the world’s second-largest economy and Australia’s most important trading partner.
Our courses
We aim to help students at all levels reach their Chinese language goals. Beginner courses start with basic spoken phrases for daily communication, while intermediate and advanced courses cover listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our students are all ages – from those in their late teens to those in their late seventies.
Simple grammar
In many ways Chinese grammar is much easier to learn than English grammar. There are no tenses, plurals, articles or conjugations.
Small vocabulary
There are far fewer words in common use in Chinese than in English. Knowing about 3000 Chinese characters will enable you to read most newspapers and books.
Do I have to learn to write?
Not necessarily. Beginners use an alphabetised system called pinyin to learn to speak. As students progress they learn to read, and eventually to write characters. As pinyin can be used on the digital keyboards of smartphones and computers to write in characters, the ability to handwrite characters is not as necessary as it once was.
Chinese classes

Adult classes run once a week at our UWA Claremont campus during school terms. Evening lessons are available at all levels, with some morning classes also on offer. We provide private tuition on request.

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HSK and YCT tests

The HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) test is China’s official language proficiency exam. HSK results are internationally recognised as proof of Chinese language proficiency. The Youth Chinese Test, known as the YCT, was developed as a way to encourage non-Chinese speaking primary and secondary school students to learn Chinese.

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Chinese Bridge Competition

The Chinese Bridge (Hanyu Qiao) Chinese Proficiency Competition is an annual worldwide Chinese speaking and performance competition. There are separate competitions for secondary school students and university students.

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Chinese corner

Learning a language requires practice, practice, and yet more practice. We run a free conversation session in Claremont each week where learners can chat to native speakers and meet others studying the language. We also hold a free Calligraphy class at Claremont Park every Saturday morning.

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