School students from across Western Australia who are learning Mandarin as a second language are invited to enter the Confucius Institute’s Short Film Competition.

2022 theme:

“Chinese culture through the lens” 镜头下的中国文化

Films can be in drama or documentary style, fiction or non-fiction. Animation may be used in parts, however the majority of the film should feature second-language students speaking Mandarin on camera.

For any enquiries please contact:

Carol Jin, Program Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 6488 6871

Competition Rules  比赛规则

  • Films must:
            •  be 1 to 2 minutes in length

            •  not exceed 1GB in size

            •  include spoken Mandarin performed in front of the camera by students learning Chinese as a genuine second-language

            •  use English subtitles when Chinese language is spoken (added before uploading to a file sharing service)

            •  be the creative output of young people under 12 (others of any age may be included in minor roles)

            •  not show school uniforms or mention school names

            •  include credits for all original material (music used MUST be copyright-free or you MUST get permission from the artist).

  • Students may have assistance from teachers and parents to make their films, however the creative ideas should originate with the young people themselves and the main performers should be students in grades 1-6.
  • Credits for all crew and cast must be included in the entry form. If you are concerned about privacy, you do not need to include credits as part of your film.
  • All entry and permission forms must be received. The Confucius Institute reserves the right to determine eligibility. Any candidate or film deemed ineligible will be disqualified for a prize.

Judging Criteria  评选标准

  • Proficiency in Mandarin – 20 marks
            •  Content and expression – appropriate level to years of study (10 marks)

            •  Pronunciation and fluency – accuracy of sound, phrasing (10 marks)

            •  Demonstrated understanding of Chinese culture – (10 marks)

  • Demonstrated understanding of Chinese culture – 10 marks.
  • Creativity and originality of the film – 10 marks.
  • Film techniques and production quality – 10 marks.

Prizes  奖项

  • Grades 4-6
            •  Best Documentary or Lifestyle Film - $300 (e.g. presenting, interviews, cooking films)

            •  Best Drama or Comedy - $300 (fiction or non-fiction stories told through acting)

            •  Best Mandarin Speaking - $300

            •  Best Film Technique - $150

  • Grades 1-3

            •  Best Film - $200

Prizes will be awarded to the school. The school is to decide how prize money is best distributed/utilised. We strongly recommend schools discuss the distribution of prize money with the participating students prior to submitting entries.

If there are fewer than three films in a category, prizes may not be awarded in that category.

Submission details  递交要求

Entries must be submitted by a school Chinese Language teacher - maximum of two entries for Grades 1-3 and two for Grades 4-6.

To submit each film you will need to:

  1. Upload your film to YouTube, Vimeo or other file sharing service and provide a URL (link) when you fill out the entry form.
  2. Complete the online entry form here:
  3. Complete the Permission and Second Language Declaration form below for all participants and email to [email protected]

Closing Date: Friday 13 May 2022  (Winners announced June 2022).

Films will be added to the Confucius Institute’s YouTube Channel and schools sent a link so they can see the works made by their peers.

Resources  相关资料

Online Entry Form