Chen Xiaowang Tai Chi Master Class

Tai Chi Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang.

The Confucius Institute at UWA was honoured to host a Tai Chi master class by world-renowned Tai Chi Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang on Saturday 1 June 2019 in conjunction with the Australia Chinese Tai Chi Association.

More than 90 Tai Chi enthusiasts took up the rare opportunity to learn from a world-renowned master of the art during the Saturday class. Then on Monday June 3, Master Chen took part in a documentary filming event at Elizabeth Quay organised by the Australia Chinese Tai Chi Association and the Oriental Post newspaper.

Master Chen’s ancestors are credited with the creation of Tai Chi hundreds of years ago in their hometown of Chen Village, Henan Province, China. For 19 generations the family have been the pre-eminent practitioners of Chen style Tai Chi - the oldest and parent form of the five main Tai Chi forms now practised world-wide.

In the early 1980s, Master Chen won gold medals in China’s national competition for three consecutive years, and in 1985 won the world championship for Tai Chi in the First International Wushu Championship. Master Chen holds the highest rank conferred by the Chinese Wushu Association - the 9th Duan Wei. The handful of practitioners who have achieved this rare honour are recognised not only for their skill, but also for having made a significant contribution to their art. The 9th Duan Wei is usually only achieved by masters aged in their 70s and above with 50 years experience.

Master Chen, now 74, has travelled the world teaching Tai Chi since 1990. Each year he travels the equivalent distance of twice around the world. This was his first visit to Perth. Accompanying Master Chen on his Perth visit were the heads of 17 Chinese provincial branches of the Chen Xiaowang Taijiquan Association, themselves all highly regarded masters of the art.