Trump Shock and the Indo-Pacific: Implications for our Region


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Trump Shock and the Indo-Pacific: Implications for our Region
Thursday 23 February 2017, 5.00pm-6.00pm  RSVP BY CLICKING HERE

Confucius Institute at The University of Western Australia, the Perth USASIA Centre and the Asia Research Centre at Murdoch University  invite you to join an expert panel to discuss:

  • How will the Indo-Pacific region’s economic and security architecture adjust, particularly after U.S. withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
  • What will U.S. leadership in the Indo-Pacific look like under the Trump Administration?
  • How will Chinese and other policymakers likely respond to the Trump agenda on trade, alliances and regional diplomacy

Dr Jeffrey Wilson
Dr Wilson is a Research Fellow at the Perth USAsia Centre and the Asia Research Centre at Murdoch University. He is an international political economist who specialises in economic regionalism in the Indo-Pacific. He has consulted for government and business on regional trade issues and is a frequent television and print commentator on Australia’s place in the Asian region.

Professor Baogang He
Professor He is an Alfred Deakin Professor and Chair in International Relations at Deakin University in Victoria. Professor He has forged an international reputation for his depth of knowledge on China’s political and economic structures and China’s Asian relationships. He is a former fellow of many regional universities and has advised government and international organisaitons.

Professor Kanishka Jayasuriya
Professor Jayasuriya is a Professor of Politics and Internatonal Studies and a Fellow of the Asia Research Centre at Murdoch University in Perth. He has long held teaching and research appointments in Australian and international universities, focusing primarily on changing dynamics in Asian civil society, Indo-Pacific governance and regional political and economic leadership.


Date: Thursday, 23rd February 2017
Time: 5:00pm – 6:30pm
Venue: The University Club of WA Auditorium,
Hackett Entrance #1, Hackett Drive, Crawley



Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Wenqin!

   The Year of the Rooster will kick off with a colourful splash of Chinese culture. More than 20 young performers from the renowned Zhejiang University Wenqin Art Troupe will showcase an ancient civilisation with a modern twist in a spectacular collage of dance, music and martial arts. 

The Troupe has performed at the UN Headquarters in the US, the 2016 G20 meeting in China and throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. 

Wenqin will perform at the Australia China Business Council gala dinner at Crown Ballroom on 16th February – one of the biggest events on the Sino-WA social calendar.  Public performances will follow in Mandurah and Bunbury with the final opportunity to experience Wenqin at Penrhos College’s state of the art Rixon Theatre on Monday 20th February. 

While in Perth, the troupe will also work with more than 1200 students from 12 schools in a series of workshops designed to give WA students a chance to watch part of a performance and then talk to the performers about their craft.  Interpreters will help to explain the stories, music, instruments and costumes used. 

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Sister State relationship between Western Australia and Zhejiang Province. This very special tour is proudly supported by the State Government and the Confucius Institute at UWA.   

Saturday 18th February 2017, 7pm

Mandurah Performing Arts Centre


Sunday 19th Feb 2017, 3pm

Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre


Monday 20th February, 7pm

Penrhos College Rixon Theatre, South Perth

Tickets: (Ticket sales commence last week in January)

For more about the expanded 2017 program for Chinese New Year in Perth please visit:

Language and Culture Courses for Intake 1 2017 语言文化课程


一、汉语课程 Chinese Language Courses

From our beginners to advanced courses or our private tutoring, you will surely find a course and level best suited to your needs. Taught by professional native Chinese teachers, all courses are quality assured to enable you to achieve your objectives effectively. The Chinese language courses are in 16 levels, Level 1 (beginners) to Level 16 (advanced) and there is a literacy course focused on reading and writing.

Intake 1 Courses is open for registration

2017 Chinese Language Courses

Chinese language courses


针对略有汉语听说能力、且对汉字读写感兴趣的学习者,孔子学院开设了 “中文读写班(Chinese Literacy)”。学习者通过读写训练,能正确认读和书写常用汉字、简单的应用文写作,以及使用中文输入法编辑电子文档等。

孔子学院还提供个性化汉语教学。无论是想学习轻松地汉语入门、高密度地强化速成,还是深入探究中国语言文学,孔子学院将根据学习者需要提供“一对一”的VIP课程。量身定制的汉语课程吸引来不同背景的学习者,诺贝尔医学奖获得者、西澳大学Barry Marshall教授就是其中之一。2010年他开始在孔子学院学习“一对一”汉语课程。如今,他把汉语学习与专业交流结合起来,学以致用,在中国讲学时经常用一些中文。

二、文化课程 Chinese Culture Courses

After-School Cultural Courses for Kids



    • 中国商务文化 Chinese Business Culture 为商界精英量身打造,内容包括中西方文化差异、商务活动中涉及中国文化的风俗和禁忌,促进学习者更好地了解中国商业文化和中国人的文化心理,能更顺畅有效地与中国人交流、沟通和开展商务活动。
    • 中国艺术欣赏 Chinese Arts 通过接触大量的视听材料,学习者可欣赏历代中国书画名作、传统戏剧和音乐等文艺精品佳作,初步了解博大精深的中国艺术,领略中国艺术的独特魅力,理解中国人的审美艺术,增进对中国文化的了解。
    • 中国文学与电影 Chinese Literature and Movies 通过作品欣赏的形式向学习者介绍中国现当代文学与电影以及作品所反映的社会文化生活。课程内容包括新文化运动及鲁迅作品、当代文学史(1949-1976)、中国电影发展史、莫言及其作品、冯小刚影视作品等。
    • 中国书法基础 Basic Chinese Calligraphy 中国书法既是一项书写技术,也是一门独特的艺术。通过循序渐进介绍毛笔的执握、汉字的笔画与结构等书法基础知识和技巧,学习者不仅可以学会初步掌握书法基础,还可以学会欣赏中国书法作品。
    • 中医与养生 TCM for Well-Being以深入浅出的方式阐释中国传统医学的原理,演示传统中医的诊断及治疗方法,介绍中国传统养身健身的理论及方法,如太极、气功等。还针对珀斯的地理与气候特点及学习者自身的状况,为学习者推荐合适的养生之道。
    • 武术和健身操  Martial Arts and Exercise  每周六下午开设少儿武术班和成人太极拳、健身操班。孩子们习武有助于强健体魄、修身养性。在送孩子到孔子学院来学习武术的同时,家长们可以参加太极拳和健身操班。真是:儿习武、母(父)健身,一举两得。

Confucius Institute UWA


Summer Holiday Chinese Cultural Awareness Class for Kids 暑假少儿语言文化兴趣班

Interesting, creative and educational activities for primary school kids during the school holidays!

During the upcoming school break, Confucius Institute at UWA runs a 5-morning Chinese language and culture awareness class which engages kids in learning some basic Chinese language and knowledge about Chinese culture, as well as doing fun activities of kite making, mask painting, singing and dancing, Kung Fu, Chinese painting and so on, all of which are appealing to both boys and girls aged 6 -12. Accomplishing various fun cultural activities, each child will take home some stylish pieces of art to be proud of.

This holiday class is ideal for developing kids’ awareness of Chinese language and culture, communication skills in Chinese and hand-eye coordination, visual perception skills and concentration.

Time: 9:00 am-12:00 pm Monday – Friday, 16-20 Jan 2017

Venue: Maple Room, UWA Claremont Campus (50 Goldsworthy Road, Claremont)

Teachers: Confucius Institute staff, with teaching expertise, artistic skills, and Working With Children certificate

Cost: $20 per session (all hands-on activities materials, bottle water and morning-tea snack included).

Book online:      Only 20 places offered per session.

Contact: 6488 6888, or email to

Schedule:  kids-cultural-awareness-class-jan-2017

(click to enlarge the flyer)

Photos of previous holiday classes for kids:

??????????????????????????????? 做风筝 放风筝   Kite-flying  Mask-making s   Papercut s

Video Competition: Chinese Culture in Australia “中国文化在澳洲” 视频制作比赛征稿

Schools from across Western Australia are invited to enter the Confucius Institute’s Video Competition.  Cash prizes from $800 to $200 are on offer! 

The aim is to give students a creative opportunity to demonstrate their Chinese language skills and appreciation of Chinese culture.  Schools can submit 2-3 minute video works reflecting the theme Chinese Culture in Australia. 视频主题:中国文化在澳洲 

Entries close on 12 December 2016 with winners announced early in the new school year.  Please see the information attached for everything you need to know to enter!

Here is more information:

China in Conversation: One Belt, One Road and Australia“一带一路”与澳大利亚

The Confucius Institute at UWA proudly co-presents with UWA Business School the China in Conversation on the topic of “One Belt, One Road and Australia” on 25 November 2016 at University Club. We hope you can join us for this special public event to listen to the two keynote speeches by Professor Ross Garnaut of the University of Melbourne and Prof Sun Youzhong of Beijing Foreign Studies University, and explore the influential Chinese strategic development policy, “One Belt, One Road”, and the implications for Australia.

Entry is free but bookings are essential. Please RSVP to or 6488 6888.



Welcome to I-Ching Culture Day 欢迎参加中澳易经文化节

Chung Wah Association and Confucius Institute invite you to attend the lecture given by I-Ching master Zeng Yuqi on 10 and 13 November at UWA Claremont Campus.


Click the poster for details)



CI Day Celebration Successful 孔子学院日圆满成功


上午10.00,参加“孔子学院日”活动的300多名中小学生、20几位中华会馆长者服务中心的长者、以及16名北京外国语大学的学生陆续来到活动场地,跟着孔子学院教师和志愿者舞起了太极拳。10:30,孔子学院宋宪琳院长宣布“孔子学院日”开幕,然后西澳大学校长Paul Johnson、中国驻珀斯孙安林副总领事、中国驻澳使馆徐孝公参的秘书马林兰先生先后为“孔子学院日”致开幕辞。Johnson校长为大洋洲第一家孔子学院及其在增进西澳与中国交流中所发挥的“纽带”作用感到骄傲,同时他也勉励中小学生们以前任总理陆克文、西澳大学诺贝尔奖得主巴里马歇尔教授为榜样,为自己的未来发展和澳中交流努力学好中文。孙安林副总领事从中秋节谈起,介绍了学习中文对于了解中国和中国文化的重要意义,同样希望青少年们努力学习中文和多多了解中国文化。马林兰秘书代表徐孝公参祝贺西澳孔子学院在推动中文教学和促进文化了解方面取得的显著成就,也祝贺西澳中小学生在学习中文方面所取得的骄人成绩,重申了使馆教育处对孔子学院这方面工作的不懈支持。出席开幕式的还有西澳大学人文学院院长Krishna Sen教授、中华会馆会长丁少平先生、以及Oberthur小学、Mount Lawley 中学等几所中小学的校长等。




song_opening-speech vc-speaking

Dr Song launches the CI Day                                    UWA Vice- Chancellor speaks at the event

deputy-consul-general mr-ma

Deputy Consul- General, Ms Sun Anlin             Mr Ma representing Minister-Counsellor


Students learning Kung Fu



Join the CI’s City-to-Surf for Chung Wah Community and Aged Care 欢迎参加孔子学院“中华慈善行”健身跑

The Confucius Institute at The University of Western Australia invites you to walk or run alongside us in the Perth 2016 City to Surf on 28 August 2016. This will be a great opportunity to get involved in the Confucius Institute community.  We will have teams in the 4km and 12km options for both walking and running, so you can choose something that suits your  level of  fitness. All registration fees for the City to Surf go to the event owner:  Activ Foundation.  Activ enables people living with a disability to pursue a better life.  You can find information about their good work here: . The Confucius Institute is also raising funds for Chung Wah Association Community and Aged Care via our participation in this event.  We ask for a minimum donation of $10 from all participants that register under our team.  In exchange you will receive a Confucius Institute T Shirt and much appreciation from ourselves and Chung Wah Aged Care! You will need to register for our team by Friday 26 August:

  • Go to
  • Select ‘Perth 28 August 2016’
  • Choose your distance
  • Click ‘join a team’
  • Search for ‘The Confucius Institute’
  • Join our team!
  • Continue through the registration process

You can make your donation to Chung Wah Aged Care and pick up your shirt at our office at the UWA Claremont Campus (where there is easy parking) or we can organise this 30 minutes prior to the race at the race start location. Closer to the event, we will send more information about where and when we will meet on the day and provide an online option for making your donation.

City to Surf 2016 for media