Easter Chinese Language & Cultural Camp 欢迎参加假期趣味中国语言文化班

Interesting, creative and educational Easter Language Cultural Camp for your child

We offer Chinese language and culture workshops that will develop your child’s communication skills and the understanding of the amazing ancient culture. The program includes language study as well as some fun activities like kite making, face-mask making, dancing and singing, Chinese poem, Chinese knot making, Shuttlecock and Kung Fu. It is appealing to both boys and girls aged 6 – 12. With over 10 fun cultural activities planned, each child will take home a stylish piece of art to be proud of.

This combined language and culture program is ideal for developing communication skills in Chinese and the hands-on activities will promote hand eye co-ordination, visual perception skills and concentration.

When: 2015 Easter School Holidays: 13th-17th, 2015; AM and PM sessions available

Venue: Maple Room, Building 1, UWA Claremont Campus (Cnr of Princess Road and Goldsworthy Road, Claremont)

Who: Suitable for children aged 6 to 12.

These are drop-off classes, parents are not required to stay. All staff at the workshop hold valid “Working with Children” cards.

Included: All materials and bottle water.

Cost: $80 per child for all 10 sessions or $10 per child per session. Full payment is required to secure a place. There are only 20 seats.

We accept payment via visa or MasterCard and we do not store credit card information.

2015 Easter Workshop Enrolment & Payment Form


做面具 放风筝???????????????????????????????   做风筝 太极 R


Chinese Proficiency Competition for University and Secondary School Students 大中学生汉语桥比赛

Chinese_bridge_logo  Hanyuqiao words

The 14th “Hanyu Qiao” Chinese Proficiency Competition for University Students will be held on Saturday, 9th May 2015 by the Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia. The “Hanyu Qiao” Competition for Secondary School Students will take place on 6th June 2015.


The “Hanyu Qiao” (Chinese Bridge) Chinese Proficiency Competition is an world-wide annual international Chinese Mandarin speaking and performance competition. The competition is organised by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban). The theme for this year’s competition is “My Chinese Dream”. The regional competition for ACT, NT, SA and WA in Australia will take place on 9th May at the Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia.

The participants will have the opportunity to win great prizes for the competition including Chinese language scholarships, travel opportunities in China and the two top-prize winners will go to Changsha, China in July to take part in the Grand Hanyuqiao Finals which will be filmed by TV and broadcast in prime time to an audience of tens of millions.

Competition Format

The competition has three segments:

  • a written test in Chinese on your general knowledge of China (20 minutes);
  • an unscripted speech (“My Chinese Dream” (2 minutes) plus a short Q&A quiz; and
  • a cultural performance relevant to Chinese culture e.g. singing in Chinese, Martial arts, Chinese folk dancing, Chinese poem recital, etc. (3-5 minutes).


To be eligible the candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a currently enrolled student of an Australian tertiary institution in ACT, NT, SA, or WA.
  • Be under 30 years of age at time of application.
  • Be an Australian citizen with non-Chinese background.
  • Be a genuine speaker of Chinese (Mandarin) as a second language (if in doubt please contact the Confucius Institute (confucius.institute@uwa.edu.au or 08 6488 6888)

Application Process

The Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia is now inviting prospective participants from universities and colleges in ACT, NT, SA, and WA to apply. The deadline for application is Thursday 30 April.

To be considered for entry, please complete the recommendation form and send it to the Confucius Institute at UWA. We will confirm your eligibility to participate within one week of receiving your application form.

Download Recommendation Form: Recommendation form_Uni candidate


一、赛事名称: 第十四届“汉语桥”中文比赛澳洲大学生预选赛(The 14th Chinese Bridge — Chinese Proficiency Preliminary Competition for Australian University Students)

二、比赛主题: “我的中国梦”(My Chinese Dream)

三、比赛目的: 打造“汉语桥”中文比赛的文化品牌,激励澳洲青年学习汉语、了解中华文化的兴趣和热情,为他们提供展示汉语能力、相互交流的平台。

四、主办单位: 中国国家汉办(孔子学院总部)

五、承办单位: 中国驻澳使馆教育处委托西澳大利亚大学孔子学院

六、参赛对象: 年龄18岁至30岁、非中国国籍、在中国以外地区出生成长、母语为非汉语的南澳、西澳、北领地和首都地区的高校在校生。为让更多选手有参与机会,已获奖的上届参赛选手不可连续两次参加比赛。


  1. 汉语口语和读写能力;
  2. 中国国情知识;
  3. 中华文化技能: 中国歌曲舞蹈、器乐、曲艺杂技、书画、民间艺术、武术等。

参考试题三月中旬公布在:“汉语桥”官网(http://bridge.chinese.cn)、 国家汉办官网(www.hanban.org)、 网络孔子学院网站(www.chinesecio.com)。中国网(www.china.org.cn)、新华网(www.news.cn)、人民网(www.people.com.cn)、中国国际广播电台网(www.cri.com.cn)、中国日报网(www.chinadaily.com.cn)的内容可作参考。




  1. 中国国情知识笔试(20分钟);
  2. 演讲和提问(脱稿主题演讲2分钟、然后现场回答评委提问);
  3. 中国文化才艺表演(3-5分钟)。




  1. 综合优胜奖:一等奖1个,二等奖2个,三等奖3个。
  2. 单项优胜奖:最佳演讲、最佳才艺、最佳文化知识奖各1个。



联系人: 刘忠华    电子邮件: zhonghua.liu@uwa.edu.au

电话: (08) 6488 6888;            传真: (08) 6488 6889

2015 西澳州中学生“汉语桥”比赛通知

 Hanyuqiao Chinese Proficiency Competition for Secondary School Students in WA

The Hanyu Qiao Chinese Proficiency Competition is an annual worldwide Chinese Mandarin speaking and performance competition. The competition is organised by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and local Confucius Institutes.

Time and Venue

This year the Hanyu Qiao competition is in its eighth year and the Western Australian Finals will be held on 6th  June Saturday, 2015 at Kurrajong Theatre of Confucius Institute.

The winners of the WA Finals will participate in the Finals in Adelaide in mid-June. There are varied prizes for the participants and travel opportunities to China for top-prize winners.

Components of the Competition 

The competition consists of three components:

  • Written test in Chinese on your general knowledge of China (20 minutes);
  • Unscripted speech on the topic of “My Chinese Dream” (2 minutes);
  • Cultural performance relevant to Chinese culture (3-5 minutes) e.g. singing in Chinese, martial arts, Chinese folk dancing and Chinese poetry recital etc.


To be eligible for the competition, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a currently enrolled secondary school student in Western Australia
  • Be between 15 – 20 years old
  • Non-Chinese citizen or Chinese-heritage student
  • Not born and raised in a Chinese-speaking country
  • Be a genuine speaker of Chinese (Mandarin) as a second language (if in doubt please contact the Confucius Institute)

All eligible candidates are welcome to participate through school recommendation. The deadline for application is 28 May, Thursday.

电话(Tel):6488 6888;传真(Fax):6488 6889


Download recommendation form: Recommendation form 2015


Local Chinese Textbook Published 孔子学院出版本土汉语教材

A new Chinese language textbook for young beginners, Hanyu Qihang, (Book 1), compiled by the Confucius Institute staff, came off the press at the beginning of the new school year. It is the first textbook for school beginners of Chinese language designed especially for Australian school students. Based on the syllabus of Youth Chinese Test (YCT), a standard Chinese proficiency test system for young learners, this textbook aims to provide the students in Australian schools with integrated and effective, practical and interesting materials for learning Chinese. The textbook not only serves as language learning material but also resource for understanding Chinese people and culture.  Meanwhile, it also well reflects the features of Australian social and cultural environment.

Currently, students in Shenton College, Hale School and Creaney Primary School are the first to use this new textbook in their Chinese classes.  Meanwhile, the Confucius Institute staff are compiling Book 2 with the hope that this local textbook will facilitate the teaching and learning Chinese language in WA schools.


《汉语启航》为汉语零起点的中小学生编写,适用对象包括公立和私立中小学的汉语初学者,同时也适用于其他相应水平的中文教学。这套教材有以下特点:1)针对性强。教学内容设计依据YCT考试对于汉语语言知识和技能的要求,学完上册可以达到YCT二级考试水平。 2)实践性强。教学重点突出,教材的话题和内容贴近学生生活。侧重听说训练、在日常生活情景中培养学生的汉语交际能力。对汉字要求能认读,不作书写要求。3)趣味性强。教材内容生动有趣、呈现形式活泼、插入歌曲游戏,增强互动性。4)注重文化融合。教材力求学习中国语言与了解中国文化和社会生活相结合;每篇附有英文的中国文化常识,让学生了解中国的国情、文化以及同龄人,增强学生的多元文化意识。5)凸显本土特色。教材内容尽量体现西澳当地人文自然特色,教学容量尽量考虑到西澳州的学期和课程设置等因素。

目前,西澳州的Hale 学校、Shenton 中学、Creaney 小学等中小学已经开始采用《汉语启航》为中文课程的教材。西澳孔子学院正在组织全体教师设计课件、建立教学资源库,作为教材的配套支持体系。同时,在听取各方面反馈意见和建议后,西澳孔子学院将尽快着手组织《汉语启航》(下册)的编写。期待着《汉语启航》这套专门为澳州中小学生编写的中文本土教材为当地中文教学带来新的活力。


Chinese New Year celebrated in schools 学校春节庆祝活动丰富多彩

Chinese New year is not only the most important traditional festival to Chinese people around the world, but also a good opportunity for promoting cross-cultural awareness, especially in a country like Australia, which embraces cultural diversity. 19 Feb is Chinese New Year’s Day and during the festival week many schools are in a festive atmosphere with Chinese decoration of the character of “福” (blessing), Chinese knots, lanterns, red scrolls, etc. The teachers and volunteers from Confucius Institute in more than 20 schools including those in Albany and Bunbury help to organize the Chinese cultural activities, which enhances students’ knowledge about Chinese New Year while engaging in learning New Year greetings, decorating classrooms, discussing the New Year customs, making/tasting dumplings, receiving red packets,  writing “福”, and paper cutting. It is really enjoyable learning experience.


学说祝福 学说春节问候和祝福语,是与中文教学最密切相关的文化内容。Bunbury 的Dalyellup和Tuart Forest小学等学校的中文老师都教学生说春节问候语,并在教学活动中反复运用,还鼓励学生用中文向家人和朋友送问候、表祝福。

传统故事 春节文化源远流长,内容丰富。Methodist 女校、Lance Holt等学校的中文教师都借助了丰富生动的视频和图片给不同年级的学生讲解了中国十二生肖和“年”的故事以及春节的由来,让学生理解中国新年的独特传统。

了解羊年 2015年是羊年,学校的春节文化活动中凸显了“羊”以增加活动的趣味。季承老师在Creaney 小学教学生学习汉字“羊”,让学生把山羊的图片和“羊”字进行对比,进而理解了汉字“羊”的象形渊源。

体验年俗 邱理萌老师在Shenton中学组织选修汉语的七年级学生讨论中国“春节”的历史风俗,让他们清楚了贴年画、贴对联、贴门神、贴窗花、倒贴福字、穿新衣、发红包等一系列春节习俗的起源。在Perth 现代中学,为期一周的中国新年文化活动让学生们有机会开心地体验吃饺子、拿红包、玩游戏等中国新年庆祝习俗。

图片展览 王振宇老师在Hale学校用图片介绍了了传统的新年习俗,如大扫除、购年货、穿新衣、贴春联福字、看春晚、包水饺、做年糕、拜年、发红包、放鞭炮等。Morley 中学以板报形式展出了具有“春节”元素的图片,庆祝中国新年。叶飞老师在Great Southern 文法学校布置了“中国新年”展板,向师生介绍中国新年文化。

书法剪纸 St. Hilda’s 女校等中小学组织了以写“福”字、剪“春”字和中国传统吉祥图案的书法和剪纸活动。学生们用剪纸作品装饰贺年卡和红包,在动手制作过程中真切地体验中国新年的欢乐气氛。

学唱歌曲  春节期间,Highgate小学、Dalyellup 学校等都根据学生的年龄阶段和教学内容的重点,教学生唱喜气洋洋的《新年好》、《恭喜发财》等年味十足的中国歌曲,促进学生中文学习的同时也增添了节日的欢乐。

红包抽奖 Mercedes女校在春节前两天进行了“红包抽奖”活动。每个学生随机抽取内有奖券的红包,并需说出中文的新年祝福语方可领奖。抽奖游戏新鲜又刺激,学生在游戏中了解了中国过年送红包的习俗。

品味春节 在Oberthur 小学,几位中文老师一起为全校教职员工准备了中国新年早茶,他们品尝煎饺、汤圆等中国小吃。张洁绮老师为大家表演了中国茶道,介绍了中国人过年的祝福语。校长Bamber先生还为教职员工准备了中国特色的红包。


goat masks

Students at Creaney Primary School making masks of goat to celebrate the Year of Goat.


The Chinese New Year decoration at Great Southern Grammar School in Albany.

Chinese students visit UWACI 中国学生参观西澳孔子学院

A group of 24 Chinese teenagers visited the Confucius Institute at UWA on Monday 23 February and talked excitedly with the learners of Chinese language in the beginning class.  They performed for the adult learners and sang the Chinese song “You and Me” with them, who were also excited to try their newly-learned Chinese phrases to greet the young Chinese visitors. The students were from Dacheng Yuejiawan Experimental School in Hangzhou on a study tour to WA during the Chinese New Year holiday. They are visiting St  Marks Anglican Community School, with which the sister-school relationship was established last October when the school leaders joined the Principal Study Tour to Hangzhou China co-organized by Confucius Institute and Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia (AISWA). It is the students’ first study tour to Australia  and they enjoy the schooling experience in St Marks School and the exploration of Perth and the nearby areas.  Confucius Institute is committed to promoting the school exchanges between WA and China for better cross-cultural awareness and mutual understanding among the young people.



杭州大成岳家湾实验学校是西澳州珀斯市圣马克社区学校(St Mark’s Anglican Community School)的姐妹学校。这两所学校是在西澳孔子学院2014年10月组织西澳独立学校联合会校长团访问杭州期间结成友好关系的。与他们同时结成姐妹学校关系的共有8对杭州和珀斯的学校。


C students visit CI 1

C students visit CI 3

C students visit CI 2


Chinese New Year Gala Successful 孔子学院成功举办羊年春晚

The Chinese New Year Gala presented by the Confucius Institute on 13th February turned out a great success with the audience’s warm applause at Dolphin Theatre, UWA . Mr Adam Handley, President of Australia China Business Chamber (ACBC) WA, Dr Huang Qinguo, Chinese Consul-General in Perth, Prof Barry Marshall enjoyed the  performances with other 200 people. In the opening speeches, Mr Handley and Dr Huang Qinguo spoke highly of Confucius Institute’s effort in adding to the multi-cultural festival atmosphere in celebrating the Chinese Year of the Goat. They also wished everyone a joyful and prosperous Chinese New Year.

The performances included the Chinese folk songs by “After Hour Duo” and Miss Zhang Xiaojia, the Chinese folk music by Huayi Brothers Chinese Music Academy, and the “Butterfly Lovers” by St George College.  The audience were also fascinated by the jazz band performance by Shenton College, the Chinese Dance and Kong Fu show by Oberthur Primary School,  clarinet concerto and the street dance by Perth Modern School, and the chorus by Confucius Institute students and staff.

2月13日晚,西澳大学Dolphin剧院外面孔子学院京剧脸谱图案的彩旗迎风飘逸,剧院内座无虚席,中国驻珀斯总领事黄亲国博士、澳中工商会西澳分会主席Adam Handley先生、诺贝尔奖获得主、西澳大学的Barry Marshall教授等与珀斯各界200余名观众饶有兴趣地观赏了由西澳大学孔子学院精彩呈献的“迎羊年春节文艺晚会”。今年的“春晚”是孔子学院首次自主筹办,在一个多月的筹备过程中,得到了当地学校、专业演艺团体和人士的大力支持,为珀斯的中国农历新年庆祝和多元文化活动增添了光彩。本台晚会有以下三个特点:

中小学生的节目精彩纷呈 近年来,孔子学院通过支持当地中小学的中文教学,与学校建立了合作伙伴关系。这次演出就得到了合作学校的支持。如Shenton中学的爵士乐团演奏、Oberthur小学的舞蹈与武术表演、Rossmoyne 中学的扯铃、Perth Modern中学的黑管协奏《小河淌水》和街舞《青春》等,这些节目用不同的艺术形式展现了学校课程中的中国文化元素。

中国民歌民乐的专业演绎 中国音乐渊源流长,不仅是华人文化基因的组成部分,也深澳洲当地人民的喜爱。西澳华裔兄弟乐队的民乐演奏的《赛马》、《春江花月夜》等中国民乐、St George 学院的小提琴钢琴协奏曲《梁祝》、歌手张晓佳女士演唱的民歌《芦花》、歌手Craig 和Kate演唱的《茉莉花》和《夜上海》等名歌,都以较高的艺术水准展现了中国音乐的魅力。

孔子学院的师生登台表演 孔子学院少儿合唱团的孩子们以稚嫩的童声吟诵了经典古诗《咏鹅》,并用中文演唱了《新年好》。孔子学院新来的志愿者教师李华和赵寒治为观众呈现了题为《武韵》的中华武术组合表演。最后,孔子学院教师合唱团以澳大利亚民歌《剪羊毛》和华人世界耳熟能详的歌曲《让世界充满爱》压轴本次羊年春晚。

整台晚会呈现出喜迎羊年、中西合璧、师生同乐的气氛。演出结束后,Handley先生、黄总领事、Barry Marshall教授以及孔子学院院长等登上舞台与孔子学院的全体教师一起合影,祝贺演出成功。

Adam Dr Huang

Mr Handley, President of ACBC WA, and Dr Huang Qinguo, Chinese Consul-General in Perth make speeches.

MCs Jazz band

Muzhi (CI volunteer), Tom and Sandra  as MCs                      Shenton College Jazz Band 

Oberthur  Solo

Dance and Kung Fu by Oberthur Primary School                                          Folk song by Ms Zhang Xiaojia

Duo Folk music

Kate and Craig singing Chinese folk songs                       Performance by Huayi Brothers Chinese Music Academy

Brothers Clarinet

Brothers playing Chinese traditional music                        Clarinet performance by Perth Modern School

Street Dance

Street dance “Youth” by Perth Modern High School

Martial arts

 Martial arts by Confucius Institute volunteers


Chorus by Confucius Institute choir

Group photo

 VIPs with Confucius Institute staff and Gala MCs  




Scholarships Open for Application 欢迎申请中国奖学金

2015 Chinese Government Scholarships

This includes full or partial scholarships in accordance with educational exchange agreements or MOUs between the Chinese government and governments of other countries, institutions, universities and international organizations. It supports undergraduate programs, master’s programs, doctoral programs, general scholar programs and senior scholar programs.

For more information and application, please click:


Important date: 20 March 2015 (Deadline of application)

2015 Confucius Institute Scholarship:

In order to support the development of Confucius Institutes, facilitate Chinese language promotion and Chinese cultural transmission in the world, cultivate qualified Chinese language teachers and talented students of Chinese language, Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban (hereinafter referred to as Hanban) launches the “Confucius Institute Scholarship” program to provide financial aid for students, scholars and Chinese language teachers worldwide to proceed to a Master’s degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL) in Chinese universities (hereinafter referred to as “host institutes”), or study in such majors as Chinese Language, Chinese History and Chinese Philosophy.

For more information and application, please click:

Confucius Institute Scholarship: 孔子学院奖学金宣传册


Important date: 30 March 2015 (Deadline of application)

For enquiries please contact Ms Tracy Zhang: confucius.institute(at)uwa.edu.au

Summer Holiday Chinese Language & Culture Workshops Applauded 暑期趣味汉语和文化活动班大受欢迎

 The five-day Chinese language and culture workshops designed to develop children’s awareness of Chinese language and culture as well as communication and hands-on skills completed successfully on 23rd Jan. The 10-theme program includes basic Mandarin words and sentences and fun activities like kite making, face-mask painting, dancing and singing, poems and rhymes, Chinese knot making, playing shuttlecock and doing Tai Chi, dumpling making, etc., which all the young participants enjoyed a lot. Feedback from children and their parents is very positive and encouraging.

It is the first programme catering to the school kids during school break, and similar workshops will take place in Easter, winter and spring school breaks.





做面具 书法 书法2  放风筝  做风筝 ??????????????????????????????? 太极 R



Mr Wang Liyong Honoured as Excellent Teacher of Chinese 王力永老师荣获“海外华文教师优秀奖”

Mr Wang Liyong, the most experienced Chinese teacher of the Confucius Institute at UWA, was invited to attend  the 3rd World Conference on Chinese Language Education 7-8 December, 2014 in Beijing and was awarded the honour of the Excellent Teacher of teaching Chinese overseas. Mr Wang started teaching Chinese as a second language after graduation from the Beijing Institute of Chinese Language in 1988 and he came to Perth to teach Chinese in 1997 and has been engaged in teaching Chinese at universities in WA, Confucius Institute and community schools. He started the Chinese language and cultute courses in the Confucius Institute at UWA and his professional expertise of effective language teaching is well received by the students. His students have achieved excellently in Chinese courses and various Chinese proficiency tests (HSK) and competitions including Hangyuqiao. Confucius Institute is proud of his honour as an excellent Chinese language teacher.

Wang laoshi 2

由中国国务院侨务办公室和中国海外交流协会主办的 “第三届世界华文教育大会”2014年12月7-8日在北京举行,来自50个国家和地区的近600位华文教育界代表参会。西澳大学孔子学院的王力永老师作为长期从事海外华文教学的优秀教师代表,应邀参加大会并喜获“海外华文教师优秀奖”。






Language & Cultural Courses in 2015 孔子学院2015课程简介

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To meet the growing public demand for learning Chinese language and culture, we have readiusted the courses in the new year. The language courses are in 16 levels ranging from genuine beginners to advanced level, in line with the syllabus of HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test). Each course consists of 16 hours of instruction in 8 weeks with one night session each week. Learners can choose the most appropiate courseaccording thier levels, or book a one-on-one customized course for your own. We also offer Chinese courses for school kids in three levels after school on Wednesday and Sunday. Adult Chinese Literacy is for those want to improve their reading and writing skills in Chinese.

Our cultural courses include Chinese Business Culture, Chinese Art and Music, Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Literature and Movies, Chinese Medicine for Well Being, and Martial Arts and Tai Chi. For more information about the courses, please browse the webpages.

新年伊始, 西澳大学孔子学院为更好地满足社区民众对学习中文和了解中国文化的需要,推出了新的中文和文化课程计划,欢迎大家踊跃参与学习。




《中文写读 Chinese Literacy》课程是专门为那些能说一些中文但读写能力欠缺的学习者开设的,通过阅读与写作的系统训练,可望有效提升学习者中文读写技能。

2015 Chinese Language Courses

2015 Chinese Culture Courses