Why do we need cultural training?

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Western Australia and China share many common interests: a focus on mutual investment and trade; encouraging study abroad opportunities in each other's countries; promoting reciprocal tourism; and even a shared time zone. Yet for all we have in common, there is much to be gained from a deeper understanding of each other's culture.

The Confucius Institute at UWA helps to bridge the trans-cultural divide by providing specialised training to business, government and the education sector.

Why choose us?

  • We are uniquely placed in being able to offer both the expertise of native Chinese instructors as well as the insights of local staff members with a strong background in Chinese affairs.
  • Our trainer holds a Master of Adult and Vocational Education and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
  • Our training sessions are interactive and contemporary: China is changing fast and we all need to keep pace.
  • If needed, we can also facilitate training by external consultants with expert knowledge of the client's industry.

What will you learn?

Participants who complete our courses will:

  • be familiar with simple greetings and polite expressions
  • be able to use Chinese names with confidence
  • be equipped to avoid common social mistakes
  • gain a basic understanding of contemporary Chinese society
  • avoid common misunderstandings with Chinese friends and visitors
  • gain useful tips on dining out, giving gifts and reciprocating favours
  • learn information relevant to their specific industry (if requested).
As a business, we were very satisfied with the content of the training course, and the knowledge gathered from the course has assisted our team in being better prepared for working in Chinese context and enriching relationships. See full testimonial
Tim Abrahams, General Manager – Mining
I would like to extend my gratitude again for the training. It has been very mind opening and informative.
Clara Chetcuti, AWI Consulting Pty Ltd

Training on Your Terms

Training can take place at your workplace or at our Claremont campus. Clients can choose from sessions of several hours to workshops running for either a half or full day. A course which takes place over several weeks is also available.

We will work with you to determine the type of training which best suits your needs. The following suite of nine training modules can be mixed and matched in as much depth as required:


  • Language Essentials
  • Key Facts About China
  • Cultural Concepts
  • Social Norms and Etiquette
  • Visiting China
  • Culture in Practise (Lunch/Dinner)
  • Education
  • Government
  • Doing Business with China

Our Clients

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The number of modules covered in a training session is flexible. For example, a half-day workshop could include three modules covered in depth, or six modules covered in less detail and offered as a more general overview.

Please consider the modules on the linked form and contact us to discuss your requirements. Modules 1 to 4 cover general topics, Module 5 is aimed at people traveling to China and Modules 7 to 9 are designed to be tailored to the client's particular industry. Module 6 is designed to be conducted during a lunch or dinner. We look forward to working with you to provide authentic, contemporary cultural training that delivers a valuable insight into China and the Chinese people.

Contact: 6488 6888 or [email protected]