Inner Mongolia Arts University Performers

Photo: Richard Watson

Performers from Inner Mongolia Arts University enthralled audiences in Perth and Geraldton recently with stunning performances of Khoomei (throat singing), Morin Khuur (horse-headed fiddle), Mongolian Long Song and Chinese Mongolian dance.

Mongolia is an autonomous region of northern China bordering Mongolia to the West and Russia to the North. Its magnificent landscape and heritage have inspired artists for centuries, creating a distinctive culture imbued with the spirit of an extraordinary people.

This spirit was fully on display in the performances in Perth and Geraldton from 23 February to 1 March 2018. Audiences were awed by the artists’ skills and the spectacular song and dance. Many people had not seen anything like it before and felt particularly privileged to witness a performance from one of Inner Mongolia’s most renowned Khoomei artists. In Geraldton, there were requests to purchase merchandise and enquiries about travelling to Perth to see the show again.

This was a performance of extraordinary quality. The dancers, singers and playing of remarkable traditional musical instruments really had me feeling the freedom of horse riding and camping on the grassy plains of Mongolia! A once in a lifetime experience that I will remember vividly.


The performances conveyed an authenticity that is only possible when performers tell their own stories and showcase traditions from their own heritage. Many pieces drew inspiration from the close connection Chinese Mongolians have with the land and from their strong bonds with their horses, often evoking images of horses thundering across vast grasslands.

The Mongolian throat singing and dancing yesterday was magnificent and magical. The presentation the costumes the abilities and talents and skills were spectacular.

D. Masotto

Confucius Institute Director, Dr Xianlin Song said that “China is an immense country that is home to many ethnic peoples with their own unique traditions, bringing Inner Mongolia Arts University to Western Australia for the first time is an exciting and joyous way to raise awareness of the diversity of Chinese culture and also celebrate Chinese New Year.”

It was amazing. I was blown away with the harmonics, and those dancers – it was as if they were floating around the stage.

Andrew M

Inner Mongolia Arts University performed to more than 620 people at the Rixon Theatre, Penrhos College, on Friday 23 February. This performance was presented in partnership with Penrhos College, the Chinese Language Teachers Association of WA and the Australia China Friendship Society of WA, and attended by the Consul General of the PRC in Perth and other special guests.

THAT is a proper culture exchange! The Inner Mongolia performance was visually and technical stunning. The costumes were breathtaking and the performers gave us a unique insight into Mongolian culture.

A. Findlay

Geraldton City Council partnered with us to present a performance for 320 people in Queens Park Theatre on Sunday 25 February. Additional performances took place in Perth at St Mark’s Anglican Community School (27 February) St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls (28 February) and at the Australia Chinese Business Council Gala Dinner (1 March).

Photographs: Richard Watson